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Supernatural Banishing Sigil

Supernatural Banishing Sigil

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Dean using the sigil.

The angel banishing sigil, once drawn in human or angel blood and a hand pressed at its center, sends out a fierce light that banishes any angels within its blast radius. This sigil does no harm to the angels, it merely sends them to a different location on Earth, their vessels included. It also doesn't harm the vessels they occupy. This is, in a way, a weakness for the angels. Once the sigil is activated, the angel it is affecting, temporarily has its grace inactive, so that it is rendered mortal. As a result, it cannot fly back to where he or she was banished. They cannot stop it, once in use. It can be activated by both humans and angels (in human vessels); it does not banish the angel that activated it, unless the sigil was carved into his or her vessel's own flesh.

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