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Captain Jack Sparrow's Ring

Captain Jack Sparrow's Ring

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In Curse of the Black Pearl, Jack only wears a single ring. In the next two films, Jack wears four rings on his hands, though he originally only wore one. The first of these was a silver skull ring set with a single green emerald which Jack wore on the index finger of his right hand. The second was a silver and jade oriental dragon ring which he obtained during an adventure in the Far East. Jack wore this ring on his left index finger until he stole his third ring, a gold and amethyst Greco-Roman ring from Tia Dalma. Jack then wore this new acquisition on his left index finger and moved the dragon ring to his left thumb. Jack's final ring was a gold onyx Spanish flower ring [sometimes called the button ring]. Along with the rings, Jack saw fit to tie pieces of worn fabric onto his hand. As well as four rings, Jack also wore a shredded wristband on his right wrist.

Of the four rings, two belong to the actor Johnny Depp. Depp bought the skull ring in 1989 for a Rolling Stone cover, and the stolen ring is a replica of a 2400-year old ring from the Greco-Roman period, though the original was later stolen [hence the name]. The other two are props which Depp gave back stories to: the flower ring is stolen from a Spanish widow Sparrow seduced, and the green dragon ring recalls his adventures in the Far East.

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