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Dragon's Tail Wrap

Dragon's Tail Wrap

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9 Interesting Facts About Chinese Dragons

  • The Chinese dragon is one of the twelve Chinese zodiac signs.
  • Emperors in ancient China were identified as the sons of dragons. And, at that time, ordinary people were not allowed to have items with pictures of dragons on them.
  • Chinese dragons are symbolic of being lucky, propitious, powerful, and noble; not as monsters as they are portrayed in Western stories.
  • As a powerful symbol, some strong people like to have dragon tattoos on their arms, legs, backs, and chests, but usually they are not regarded as very easygoing people.
  • Most Chinese dragons' pictures have long bodies like snakes and sharp claws like hawks, not like dinosaurs.
  • Chinese dragons don't have wings but they can "fly" into the sky.
  • Chinese dragons don't breathe fire but can summon rain.
  • Chinese dragons live at the bottom of seas, rivers, lakes, or anywhere with water.
  • Chinese people love the Chinese character for a dragon (龙 lóng /long/) and a surname with the character, e.g. famous movie stars, such as Jackie Chan (成龙 chéng long /chnng long/ 'become dragon') and Bruce Lee (李小龙 lǐ xiǎolong /lee sshyaoww-long/)


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